Reality in the corporate healthy-lifestyle model

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance

Andy Core, worldwide expert in a balanced life.

Andy Core, worldwide expert
in a balanced life.

Andy Core is a healthy-lifestyle realist who takes a practical approach to encouraging people to feel how they want to feel, look how they want to look, and enjoy the comforts of a healthy body.

So what is a healthy-lifestyle realist? Andy’s practical approach to wellness takes into account today’s hectic lifestyle with all the pressures of home and work. Andy understands that he can deliver an exceptionally motivating speech, to encourage people to live healthier, but he cannot do it alone. Superman he is not.

It takes the involvement of the group who must truly want to improve their own wellness. Andy’s approach is practical offering ways for organizations build teams that cost less, have better attitudes, and achieve more.

Andy knows that change is not going to happen overnight. Organizational team building takes time just as improving the health of those teams is also going to take time. Andy also understands that small changes now, can lead to overall better group health later. Those smaller, often simpler changes are easier to install than broad sweeping changes.

By being a healthy-lifestyle realist, Andy will help your organization develop healthier more productive teams while reducing company healthcare costs.

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