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Learn to Say NoAndy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

I read advice once that you should make a todo list every day, and then rip it in half. Too often we think that we can do it all, but what we fail to take into account that many of our daily tasks come out of nowhere, and we can’t possibly expect to finish everything on our filled to the brim to do list.

Therefore, be reasonable because after all, you’re only human. And waiting another day or two to get a few things finished usually won’t affect the way that people think of you, your job performance or your overall ability. Instead of obsessing over everything, choose the things you have to get finished to feel good about your day, and do those. If there are too many of those things that you HAVE to do, consider informing the task giver that you can’t get said task done and asking for an extension.

If this isn’t possible for any of the tasks that you must get done that day, then you may have to work a few hours, but this should only happen every once in a while. If you’re having to work late every day because you have too many things to do, then you have too many things to do. Therefore, you need to talk to your boss about the amount of work he or she expects from you and restructure what’s required of you.

Remember, you’re allowed to have a life, and if the place you work at isn’t willing to let this happen, then you should consider finding a new job. Because eventually you’re going to get burned out, make a mistake and get fired anyways.

Do quality work every day in such a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. Take each task one at a time so that it doesn’t distract you. And work hard enough so that your challenged but not miserable.

Be assertive. Learn to say no. Gain control over your life, your performance and what you’re willing to give.

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