Protein- The Macronutrient That Helps To Build Muscle Tissue!

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Protein is necessary for optimal health!

Protein is necessary for optimal health!

Protein is one of the essential macronutrient that is required by our bodies so as to allow it to develop and regenerate different tissues such as nails, muscle and hair.  Additionally it also aids in the sustenance of our brain cells.

Protein is accountable for approximately half of our body weight. It is comprised of various amino acids, but these amino acids can be classified into two main categories- non essential amino acids and essential amino acids. Focusing on non-essential amino acids, our bodies are able to produce these on their own, whereas when it comes to essential amino acids, these can be acquired only through foods.

It is also utilized to provide us with energy so that we are able to perform our daily activities with ease. Though, when it comes to protein being an energy provider, it is usually used by our body as the last source of energy. The body first uses up glycogen stores and once these are depleted it is then when protein is utilized.

There are several sources of food that have protein in them, such as fish, poultry , meat , beans, chickpeas, lentils, dairy etc. Our bodies need protein to able to produce amino acids. Within our bodies amino acids are needed to generate new proteins, and this specific kind of proteins is later transformed to hormones such as adrenalin.

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