How To Protect Yourself From Getting An Asthma During The Winters

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  Asthma attacks occur more frequently during the winters.

Asthma attacks occur more frequently
during the winters.

Asthma is a condition related to the inflammation or swelling up of the small air passages which causes the production of mucus that ultimately, blocks the small air passages. During an asthma attack, it is these airway passages that constrict and consequently this decreases the oxygen that is provided to the lungs which further cause difficulty in breathing.

Throughout the winter season, individuals who have asthma are at a greater propensity to catch a cold or flu.  In order to ensure that your lungs are in top condition for the winters, take a look at the following recommendations.

Regularly get your lungs checked

The most ideal way to find out the health of your lungs is by getting a lung function test, also known as Spirometry. This test will also help you determine whether or not you need to alter your regular protocol for managing asthma

Keep yourself protected catching other illnesses

Not always is asthma caused due to genetic reason. Instead at times simply allergies, exposure to cooler climate, pollen, hay fever etc can cause symptoms of asthma. Keep a note of things that trigger your asthmatic condition and protect yourself appropriately from these triggers.

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