A Professional Speaker Suggests Using Dance as a Way of Promoting Well Being

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Leadership speakers use dance as a tool to promote general wellbeing.

A leadership speaker recommends using dance as a tool to promote general well being. It’s good exercise and it’s fun.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker doesn’t need the moves of Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly to know just how importance dancing is to lead a life of health and well being. Expert leadership speaker Andy Core shows how getting your body moving is one of the most fundamental ways of leading a healthier life.

1. Help prevent injuries. Dusting off your dancing shoes, putting on a playlist and busting out a few moves is a key step in ensuring your body stays fit and flexible, two characteristics that help reduce the chance of injury.

2. Have fun. It’s easy to be intimidated by people who seem like they’ve been born to dance, but if you ignore them and focus on yourself, you’ll soon find out how fun it is to move along to your favorite beat.

3. Meet people. The Internet makes it so easy to seek out dance clubs and groups of all ages and skill levels where you’ll meet likeminded people intent on increasing their own well being.

4. Learn a skill, form a habit. The more well rounded of a person you are, the better equipped to deal with stress you’ll be. Leadership speakers know just how important it is not to put all of your eggs in one basket, and dancing is one of the easiest habits you can pick up to diversify your life and interests.

Although you probably won’t see keynote speakers breaking out in dance during a speech anytime soon, Andy Core says that it’s likely most of them know a step or two as well as engaging in other activities.

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