Professional Speaker’s Advice on Motivation Through Social Factors

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Socializing in the workplace

A professional speaker notes that socially, some employees just have this desire to contribute and to make a difference in the lives of customers or fellow workmates.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Motivation advice is rare and Andy Core is one of the few professional speakers that give unique advice on the various aspects of motivation. He cites social factors as a unique aspect of motivation and success in it. Motivation is an art and for businesses, it is a culture that needs to be embraced by all management in order to ensure a self-motivated and self-driven workforce.

Motivation through Social Factors

People are stimulated by various motivational factors. Like any human being, we all have a desire to belong and be accepted socially and to be a part of the esteemed group of society. Professional speakers say that it also directly applies to employees. Employees have this instinctive desire to feel connected or networked with others. In an effort to connect, employees will develop the need to be acceptable. They hope to become affiliated with certain individuals and aspects of the organization.

Passion and Desire

Socially, some employees just have a desire to contribute and to make a difference in the lives of customers or fellow workmates and this can be a very fruitful source of motivation in the workplace. The professional speaker states that management should take advantage of the passion that individuals have to connect with others. This is a way that they can create a network of self-driven individuals that work efficiently to achieve organizational goals.

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