A Professional Speaker Gives Advice on Making Family a Priority in Your Life

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Professional speaker Andy Core talks about the importance of family. It is essential to create a balance in life between work and family.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance


Family a Priority

Take a question from a professional speaker: What would you do if today were the last day of your life? The most instinctive reaction you will get from most people is they would spend time with their loved ones. This is mainly because our loved ones are the reason why we work in the first place. Therefore, as an individual, you need to create time for them. You need to be able to create time to listen to them and let them take their place as a priority in your life. Look for the things that you can share or gain from each other as a family.

Lunch Time

A leadership speaker suggests you utilize lunchtime with the family to be a platform to learn about each other and share insights about each other’s life. Sometimes it is important that you learn what the other is going through, it gives them a chance to ease some pressure. When people know they have someone they can tell their problems, they become much more connected to those people. What can be helpful is having lunch at times that are not as usual, for example surprise your spouse for lunch in times that you know they are going through certain things. This lets you get off work and the work environment and lend a helping hand to your loved one.

In the end, with the advice from a leadership speaker for this a simple way of making family a priority, a work-life balance can be achieved.

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