Advice from a Professional Speaker: Clothing as a Driving Factor of Self-Esteem

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Even for a professional speaker, being smartly dressed can impact those around you in a number of ways. Let your clothes talk for you.

Even for a professional speaker, being smartly dressed can impact those around you. Let your clothes talk for you.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Setting yourself to succeed in life and achieve goals can be very challenging, notes a professional speaker. The quest that we are all is to find ourselves and at the same time stand out from others and be noticed for what we are worth. Self-esteem will wholly lie on your ability to make yourself visible and outstanding among others. Whenever there is a group of people, the first thing that communicates, or tells a story about each of them is the way they dress.

The Effect of Clothes

Clothes tell your life story with in minutes. Generally, they reflect a part of your life and the part they see can be used by others to conclude things about you. A professional speaker advises that these conclusions can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. In order to be outstanding amongst others, dressing in a way that gives you confidence will let you present yourself in a manner that is very different from what others perceive.

Always be Smart

Whenever you don’t look good or are not presentable, it affects the way you are going to behave in that situation or even that day. You develop some level of inferiority in the way you do things. Whenever you go shopping, make sure you buy quality basic clothes. A professional speaker will tell you that they often last longer and are not easily phased out by a fashion fad.

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