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Happiness and Health

Be happy and healthy, and you will surely have the best of both worlds. Professional speaker, Andy Core, encourages you to take a break and smile.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Professional Speaker Andy Core guides and encourages readers and listeners to be happy and healthy. Happiness and other positive aspects improve the health of an individual. This is not just a hoax; many studies support this claim. Studies have shown that happy people attract positive vibes, resulting in them living longer and experiencing better health.

Boost Your Immunity

When you are happy, those stress-related hormones are reduced. It also helps you in uplifting your immune system, thus, your barrier against various illnesses are all up, protecting you from getting sick. With these benefits, who would rather rant than smile? You do not need to choose whether it be your health or happiness, as both should be hand-in-hand. Life may not be fair, but a positive approach towards life may result in a better one.

Be a Positive Energy Magnet

Being happy is great, isn’t it? It’s not just about attracting positive energy, but it’s also about having a light approach to life. Any professional speaker will advise that things should never be complicated anyway, and being happy surely simplifies every aspect of your life. Smile often, live well. With a happy heart comes a healthy body.

Andy Core, a professional speaker, will guide you to having a better life by being happy and healthy. Call and learn more about his programs today. Contact Us Now!




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