Professional Speaker Explores Worry from a Mental Health Perspective

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Worry often has serious health implications if done excessively.

Worry often has serious health implications if done excessively. Professional Speaker Andy Core says worry puts a limit on the world of possibilities.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

The Origins of Worry

Worry generally is that feeling you experience because of being concerned over a certain situation or problem. When you worry about something, you often tend to think a lot and spend hours doing nothing but just think of the various possible outcomes of a situation, and in your mind, they always end up bad. As people worry repeatedly they may start experiencing anxiety, and in some extreme cases, panic. Sometimes you will develop a feeling of doom and because of your worry; you start to worry about worrying. Whenever someone is worried, the person becomes very protective and defensive, especially when others criticise them, viewing this as a threat.

When you develop chronic worry, your daily life is affected so much that you might even not eat, changes in the may you interact with people may develop, your sleeping pattern interrupted, and so on. Some people think the solutions to worry are harmful lifestyle habits that include smoking, among others. Any professional speaker will advise against such attempts to avoid what it is that has you worried.

So What is Anxiety?

This is just a normal reaction to any stress you experience. On going however, is quite different as it may develop from generalized anxiety disorder, panics and even social anxiety. Anxiety can just shoot up from almost any situation, imagine that day you came from that interview you had been waiting on for a long time.

Professional speaker Andy Core concludes that when you let worry take over in your life, you can never be bold enough to make those decisions that matter in your life and that can bring you a break through.

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