What a Professional Speaker Should Avoid When Showing Confidence

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Speaking in public is a tough one for most people.

As a professional speaker you want to inform your audience in a friendly way, not alienate them by acting like a ‘know it all.’

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Public Speaking

Speaking in public is a tough one for most people. However, speaking in front of people as a professional speaker is an art that anyone can learn. Everything needs effort and therefore becoming a great speaker requires come sacrifice of its own. However, as a professional speaker there are certain aspects of speaking that you should avoid and knowing them is a major part of that process.

Mister Know it All

While knowledge is something to be admired by society, no one likes it when someone is all over a subject and is arrogant because they think they know everything. What you should know is that you are among the most knowledgeable people in the room about the subject of your speech. This means that whenever you speak, always be well researched and always know what you are talking about. Make sure that what you say doesn’t come out with you looking like a Mister Know it all.

Whenever you go to talk, make sure you get there early so that you can socialize and communicate with some attendees and win them to your side before you even start your speech. Also, ensure that you occasionally tell jokes about your common ground; this is good for you and your presentation.

When making an appearance as a professional speaker, allow for unforeseen circumstances, such as a projector failure, etc. Have enough to talk about to fill the gap and don’t loose your cool.

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