Professional Business Motivational Speaker Andy Core Defines Motivation for Management

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Motivation in the Workplace

A business motivational speaker states that motivation is an important function of any workforce and can mean the difference between achieving the goals of the company effectively or low productivity.

 Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

What is Motivation?

Professional business motivational speaker Andy Core says that motivation is a word derived from the word motive, which covers man’s need, desires or wants within individuals to achieve something. Andy Core cites motivation as that process whereby business owners or management stimulates their workforce to accomplish organizational goals effectively. Motivation contributes to all major aspects of an organization and can be in various forms.

The Importance of Motivation

Motivation is an important function of any workforce notes the business motivational speaker, and can mean the difference between achieving the goals of the company effectively or low productivity. It is the role, or rather the responsibility, of the management to see to it that a certain degree of willingness to work among the employees is embraced and that the employees work at the best of their abilities. There are three distinct stages that can be identified in motivating the workforce. Initially, there should be a need or drive. Secondly, a stimulus in which the needs have to be aroused. Then lastly, the needs of the employees need to be achieved through this stimulus.

Andy Core concludes that the process of motivating staff is a psychological process that entails all the aspects of the needs and wants of both the organization and the employees. The business motivational speaker goes on to say that motivation seeks to achieve productivity through satisfying the needs of the employees.

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