How Is Profession and Obesity Related?

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

According to surveys obesity and
occupation are related!

Recent surveys indicate that there is a factual connection between obesity and one’s professional occupation. From being employed in the hospitality industry, to working at a factory or simply working in a cubical from 9-5, the profession you are working in certainly can have an impact on your health. According to these surveys over 39 percent of the workers in the US who are employed in the transportation sector and are older than 18, have a BMI greater than 32. The employees with the next highest BMI were the ones working in the packaging and manufacturing industries.

Apart from that, the professionals with the lowest obesity levels were undoubtedly athletes followed by physicians. Though nurses who work alongside physicians, had a completely different BMI range and fell more in the obese range. Moreover, when it came to the hospitality and catering business, most of the employees had full access to the lunch and breakfast buffets, and mostly couldn’t restrain themselves from making unhealthy food choices.

So before you sign up for a job or take up any profession, analyze the impact it can have your health and whether or not their lie better options and alternatives for you to explore.

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