Productivity in the Workplace Through Self-Motivation and Engagement

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Productivity in the workplace can be self-sustained  Keeping yourself motivated and productive is a contribution to the company.

Productivity in the workplace can be self-sustained. Keeping yourself motivated and productive is a contribution to the company.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Productivity in the workplace is decided by how motivated and how engaged employees are in their work. Employers provide opportunities to keep employees motivated to work, but that is not completely necessary. Employees can motivate themselves in the workplace through little things they can do to trick their mind.

  1. Small goals: They’re a lot easier to achieve than big ambitions. They can make you feel like you’re making big leaps through the company.
  2. Self-rewards: Tell yourself “If I finish all this on time, I’ll give myself a pat on the back and a new pair of shoes.” Rewards are not limited to the ones given by your employer, give yourself some incentives.
  3. Self-praise: Odd? Yes. Strange? Very. You’ll be surprised to find, though, that appreciating yourself and your work is actually very healthy for one’s self-esteem. Self-punishment is unnecessary for mistakes.

By motivating yourself, you are engaging yourself in your work. When one is engaged in their work, they are contributing to productivity in the workplace. It’s true that receiving rewards and praise from another person is more satisfying, but self-respect is also necessary for people.

Another way of motivating yourself is to have a little fun at work. You could say that it’s goofing off or counterproductive, but you wouldn’t be of much use anyway if you were bored of your tasks. Take a walk around the office and have a coffee break or go visit your good pal a few cubicles down; reducing stress is a clever way of self-motivation. It is the job of the employer to maintain productivity in the workplace by motivating the employees, but the employees can contribute to productivity by themselves, as well.

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