Productivity in the Workplace and Why Managers Need to Be Self-Motivated

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As a manager in times of low productiviy you gotta have the ability to see the bigger picture that might elude the rest.

As a manager, in times of low productivity you have to have the ability to see the bigger picture and help others to see it as well.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

There can be stagnancy in a company where productivity in the workplace is not increasing. As a manager, it’s hard to motivate employees when you are not motivated yourself. A manager plays a vital part in the growth of a company. Here are a few points on how a manager can revive the work force.

Reconnect to your Passion

The manager can begin by finding the passion for the job that he or she once had. This can be done by reading motivational books and listening to motivational business speakers and keynote speakers. If there is money in the budget, you can take some of the key employees to a retreat where you brainstorm ideas on how to move the company forward. This way, the employees are more able to think of ideas that can increase productivity in the workplace in a more relaxed environment.

Create Relationships

The manager can also create good relationships with the employees. It’s about creating a balance between not being too friendly and not being too strict. The relationships have to be work related, but the employees need to feel happy and free around the manager. As managers, it’s important to create productivity in the workplace, and it can all begin with you.

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