Probable Reasons Why Most People Fail to Leave a Job from the View of a Keynote Speaker

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Sometimes people fear leaving a job because it’s not the right way to exit. Keynote speaker Andy Core says there is never a right time to leave.

Leaving a Job

Keynote speaker Andy Core approaches the issue of leaving a job saying, the thing about anyone who is not happy to be working where they are is that they have thought of new jobs and some have actually found opportunities to pursue if they leave their present job. However, for some reason, these individuals just can’t find a way to leave their current job. Keynote speaker Andy Core offers the following common excuses that people give for not leaving their job though they are unhappy.

There is Never a Right Time

Sometimes we are caught up in a project or a commitment at work and we think we can’t leave the team at that point. One thing that the world has come to understand is that there is never a right time to leave your job or many other things in life. There is no right time to leave a relationship, fire a person, buy a house and so on. If you want to wait for the right time, you are going to wait for a very long time. Go-getters now shape this world and if you can’t make things work in your life, nothing really will. Therefore, there is never a right time to quit, so whenever you set an exit path just go ahead with it. The keynote speaker says that otherwise you will be stuck waiting.

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