Preparing to Introduce a Business Keynote Speaker

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When introducing a business keynote speaker it is important to be well researched and well prepared.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

A business keynote speaker is worthy of a good introduction. The introduction needs to be thoroughly researched and needs to answer the following points.

  • What the topic is.
  • How relevant the topic is to the audience.
  • Why the business keynote speaker is worthy to talk about the topic

Memorizing is the Best

Try to memorize the speech that you will give. If you can’t, then it’s good to write a few bullet points that you can refer to. This way, the audience is more likely to be interested in an introduction that is well presented, rather than a read speech.

Positivity and Enthusiasm

It’s imperative to have a positive delivery to the introductory speaker. Be enthusiastic about the speaker and the introduction that you will make. If you are genuine, the audience will more likely want to listen to what the business keynote speaker has to say. If there are any places where you might get the pronunciation wrong for example, the name of the speaker, make sure you clear that up before the introduction. It will look amateurish to ask the speaker while at the podium.

In most cases do not use humor, it can be off putting.

On the whole, introductions need to be well thought out to make the job of the business keynote speaker much easier.

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