Practice What You Preach to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

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You must practice what you preach and give employees someone to look up to if you expect good productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

We’ve all been there; we are told by our employer that the company has certain values that we all need to push towards in order to maintain productivity in the workplace; or that we should conduct ourselves in a certain way in the office, only to discover that the manager regularly disregards their own advice. The response of the employees tends to vary from disillusionment to anger; why should I do this when not even the boss does it?

The Consequences

Clearly, this is counterproductive, and many businesses have suffered because what they say is out of step with what they do. For a company to succeed, it needs everybody to be working together to achieve the aims of the organization.

What Can Be Done?

The solution is very simple; practice what you preach. If you decide on a particular set of aims or philosophy that your company is going to adhere to, make sure that you stick to it. The biggest advantage to this approach is that it will ensure that your employees are able to remain focused and productivity in the workplace is maintained; if your aims are constantly changing, they provide little guidance to the employee who is trying to solve problems. By keeping your message consistent, your organization maintains its integrity; the values that your company professes are borne out in observable behavior.

Sometimes it may be difficult to stay true to the aims of your company. However, you will find your employees engage with the company far more if you remain consistent. The result? You will have a workforce that maintains productivity in the workplace.

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