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Practice Makes Perfect for a Professional Speaker

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For a professional speaker, practice makes perfect

When it comes to being a professional speaker, practice makes perfect.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

There are many things that could go wrong with a speech. Take the time to practice your speech with friends or family beforehand, and ask them to look out for the following errors.

Excessive Use of Notes

Great orators are able to stand in front of thousands and just speak; they have a natural rhythm and their narrative is inevitably engaging. However, we are not all great orators; sometimes we just need a little helping hand in the middle of our speech. There is nothing wrong with using notes; they can be essential in keeping you on track. However, it is important to avoid slipping into simply reading your notes to the audience. If you do that, you will sound wooden, and spend all of your time looking at the notes instead of the audience. Practice your speech and you will begin to use your notes as guides, rather than as a script.

Visual Aid Out of Sync

Many people realize midway through their speech that they have failed to keep their PowerPoint presentation up to speed. There then ensues a frantic display of clicking as the speaker tries to catch up. This looks unprofessional and does little to benefit your speech. Practicing beforehand allows you to know what each slide is saying, so you are far less likely to slip up by failing to click.


It is vital that you project your voice and avoid the temptation to mumble. Try getting your family to sit in another room whilst you practice your speech. Speak slowly and clearly, and try to ensure that they are able to relay what you are saying back to you. Perfect your flow and your speech will be a success.

Make sure that your audience is not the first people to hear your speech in full; practice makes perfect.

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