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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

If the main roads don’t feel right, veer off the beaten path and find your way.

If the main roads don’t feel right,
veer off the beaten path and find your way.

Sometimes when you’re facing a fork in the road, neither one seems to fit. You could just try the most popular way, or take the road less traveled. A third choice, one that’s often overlooked is to just make your own path.

Even if no one has ever taken the way you want to travel, you can take your chances if it feels right to you. It may be a little more difficult to be the pioneer in something, but you’ll probably at least be remembered for being your own person.

If it weren’t for people willing to make their own way in the world, most of the things people have today wouldn’t be around. It took someone with a wild, out-of-the-ordinary idea to create much of the technology that is available. Others may have even laughed at first, but now these are the people to thank.

Additionally, many groups of people would still be without the freedoms that people hold so dear if others, generations ago, weren’t willing to take a stand. As the world evolves, people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe, no matter how unpopular that view may be, are the ones who shape the future.

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