How Online Blogging Can Be Beneficial for a Teen’s Self-Esteem

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Blogging can help improve a teen’s self-esteem!

Blogging can help improve
a teen’s self-esteem!

When it comes to teens that might be facing issues of low self-esteem and social anxiety, research shows that online blogging proves to be a rather beneficial source of engagement for these individuals. Overall, it has shown to improve their self-esteem and also helps them to better relate with the people around them.

Researchers explain that by getting accustomed to writing a personal blog or any sort of expressive writing individuals are able to liberate themselves from emotional distress. Hence blogging can be an extremely therapeutic and cathartic exercise which will allow you to express yourself freely, without any fear of intimidation.

Furthermore, psychoanalyst state that in some cases maintaining a personal blog had more of a positive impact on a distressed students’ welfare than them simply marinating a personal diary. Additionally it was also seen that when students allowed their blog to be commented on by the internet community, they were able to connect and socialize with others with greater ease.

Though students should be wary of cyber-bullying, such cases can always be reported to the server admin, which usually will take care of the situation almost immediately. Always keep in mind that the positive feedbacks will do more good than the occasional abuse you might have to bear with from time to time.

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