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Five Obstacles to Workplace Wellness Programs

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Wellness programs not working as well as hoped.

Initiating workplace wellness programs has not been as successful as hoped.

Most of the workplace wellness programs do not manage to kick off because of a number of obstacles that greatly hinder their implementation. Most of the small companies often cannot afford to provide environmentally friendly support to their employees. One of the biggest obstacles is the notion that most companies take the responsibility of providing health care services. Therefore, it lands squarely in the hand of the health insurance companies and the participation of small businesses in such programs is normally diminished.

• There is a gap between illness and wellness. Most people are re-evaluating workplace wellness programs as the solution to the increasing number of obese workers because of the increasing costs of eating healthy.

• Though this program has resulted in health promotion, the results have not spread to the extent that they can help all the employees. There is need for a cohesive design that will allow for the application of this program to the entire employee population.

• Most of these programs are largely dependent on the participation of the employees. Unless there is vibrant participation, the programs cannot be effective in reducing the costs of health care.

• There has also been an explosion in the cost of healthcare and the related workplace wellness programs over the past few years. This has resulted in businesses spending most of their profits in trying to improve the healthcare of their staff.

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