Mushrooms- They Truly Are Magical

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Mushrooms are the sole food source that contains vitamin D!

Mushrooms are the sole food source
that contains vitamin D!

To you Mushrooms might seem like they don’t hold much nutritional value, but truth be told, boy are you in for a surprise! This particular kind of fungus is loaded with such variety of vital nutrients that such a range nutrients is quite rare to find in on food item. A few of the health benefits that you can acquire from eating Mushrooms are listed below.

Mushroom have the ability to boost your vitamin D

Just like our bodies produce vitamin D on their own when we catch some sunlight, mushrooms too generate vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. In fact, they are the only edible food item that is able to supply you with vitamin D.

They are loaded with Antioxidants

Mushrooms are packed with various antioxidants which assist your body in fighting against free radicals.  Researchers indicate that Mushroom’s Oxygen Radial Absorbance Capacity, which is the sum of total antioxidants present in food; is as high as red peppers.

Mushrooms will fire up your metabolism!

Mushrooms encompass a wide range of vitamin which includes vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B9.  Vitamin B is necessary for converting food into energy, which our bodies require in order to function properly. Moreover, Mushrooms will also assist your body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats!

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