Motivational Keynote Speaker’s Advice: Save Yourself from Crab Mentality

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Crab Mentality

Don’t let others criticize you unfairly. Stand up for yourself!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Things don’t always work according to how you want them to, and sometimes, it happens at your workplace. Andy Core, a reputable motivational keynote speaker, believes that there are people who love to create fuss about some points that are not even real. If you are among those employees being criticized due to different aspects, you must learn to stand up and save yourself from all the criticisms and rejection you get from the people you work with.

Letting co-workers say things against you should never be tolerated, as they will continue wagging their tongues and continue pulling you down – crab mentality. You should learn how to save yourself from those unsolicited comments from people who do not give you anything good.

Don’t let your emotion eat you up. Do not fret, do not be afraid. Things will work out if you are capable of saving yourself. If you continue to let them say things against you, they will think that they can do anything to you. Besides, people may think that you are what they think you are if you continue to disregard their negative comments and perceptions.

Andy Core, a motivational keynote speaker, wants you to be tough always. You should never let anyone pull you down. Let them learn to respect your being and let them know that you are somebody they could never pull down. Let your positive aura arise so that it will push you up the pedestal.

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