Motivational Keynote Speaker Suggests Having an Employee Lounge

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Motivational keynote speaker suggests a place where your employees can relax and take the edge off.

Motivational keynote speaker suggests a place where your employees can relax and take the edge off.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A motivational keynote speaker suggests that having an employee lounge would help immensely with improving employee morale and building company loyalty. This is because employees love something fun or relaxing to do during their break times.

After eating lunch, employees would love to go to a place where they can relax before resuming the rest of their workday. Set a room where employees can converse with each other in a comfortable environment. Add a coffee machine, a snack bar, a sofa, maybe a vintage jukebox to add to the mood. The motivational keynote speaker notes that this is a great way to make your employees enjoy working for your company.

You may even attempt to encourage your employees to do something active and productive on the lounge. Set up a pool table, a dartboard or a table tennis court. Maybe you can place a few computer stations for them to do some off-work web browsing. Allow them to take off the edge.

Having an employee lounge also gives the employees something productive to do during times where they cannot or do not want to go home yet. Maybe a flood strands them at the office. Or, maybe they are waiting for someone who is doing overtime. They can at least stay in the employee lounge and enjoy the amenities. This also provides the bonus of them enjoying working for your company more and builds their loyalty for your company.

Give your valuable employees a place where they can breathe easy and relieve stress so that when they come back from their lunch break, they will be more than ready to grind through work at top efficiency. Of course, the motivational keynote speaker also suggests making sure that they come back to work on time.

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