Motivational Keynote Speaker Reveals the Source of Stress at Work

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Stress is unavoidable but a motivational keynote speaker says that some stress is a good thing. Too much stress is punishing to the body and can make you collapse.

Stress is unavoidable but a motivational keynote speaker says that some stress is a good thing. Too much stress is punishing to the body and can make you collapse.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A motivational keynote speaker reveals why we feel stress at work. It’s important to understand stress so that we know where it comes from and avoid it. It’s impossible to avoid stress completely, but having some stress is good. However, too much stress will depress anyone and too little stress inhibits motivation and encourages laziness at work. A motivational keynote speaker says that you must learn to balance stress so that you are productive, but not overly pressured. These are the sources to look for:

The Feeling of Powerlessness

When everything is a worst-case scenario, you feel powerless and that whatever controls your fate is playing with you by your strings. This feeling makes you ask “Why? why me?” and plants a seed of resentment. Avoid this by being optimistic and positive; give yourself hope and say that it’s not so bad.


Time is on everyone’s minds, whether it is because of deadlines or because of things you have to do outside of work. Stress from worrying about time actually pushes us into action or pushes us to do whatever it is faster. Worrying about it too much though, is bad as it may cause you to panic or feel guilt about not being timely. Keep it under control by planning your time carefully.

Sudden Changes

Life is a string of unexpected events and we are not so willing to part with what we have. We feel comfortable with where we are and pulling us out of our comfort zone stresses us. We become more aware of little things and become agitated by anything out of place. The best solution is to just accept what happened and adapt. If you really want to, you can work to change things back.

The Present and the Future

It’s normal to compare ourselves with what we want to be. Sometimes, we’re far away from our ambitions and it’s a frustrating feeling. This kind of stress pushes us to work toward a goal, to get what we want. When we feel that our dreams are unreachable, though, we become scared. It’s a fear of what will happen and what won’t happen: the unknown. This is easily avoidable by chopping your ambitions into sections. Set smaller goals that add up and while you’re focused on the next goal, you won’t even notice that you’re getting near your original dream until you’re right there.

Managing your stress means managing your performance. If you do it correctly, then you’ll stay at the top of your game. Look for the sources of stress revealed by the motivational keynote speaker and you’ll be able to stay at the peak of your capabilities.

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