Motivational Keynote Speaker Highlights on Limitations of Goal Setting

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A motivational keynote speaker will tell you that it is important to always set your goals carefully, so that they are not too difficult to achieve.

 Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

 Motivational speakers often give talks on setting goals and it’s importance. There are major benefits to be derived from the process of setting goals. But, like other things, situations might go south if this process is not done with great caution.


Goal setting often involves to-do lists and because of this, you find that people will prioritize the list, with the more tedious tasks at the beginning. A motivational keynote speaker says that some times, you might feel overwhelmed by the task and in the end resolve to procrastinating. Because there are other takes that you might enjoy that are on the list, you will end up doing those instead. Researchers say that procrastination rewards in the short term and is most likely to happen often, once someone starts.


This is a major disadvantage of setting goals in life. Life is too unpredictable to be setting fixed goals and designing a path you want to follow. When you set rigid, stiff goals, you will have trouble trying to achieve them and as a result, you will become demotivated. In order to fight this, ensure that you build in some degree of unforeseen circumstances in your life. Also, don’t discourage yourself because life is unpredictable.

Motivational keynote speaker Andy Core says goal setting is very delicate and needs careful execution.

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