Motivational Keynote Speaker Suggests that Employees Want to be Taken Care Of

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Motivational key note speaker says workers like a job or a manager that is cares for their other needs outside the workplace. There is nothing that can be as fulfilling to the employees as a job that is a resource to them in most areas of their life.
Motivational key note speaker says workers like a job that cares for their needs outside the workplace; things such as benefits. 

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Be a Resource

Many people say when they start working, they want a job that will give them the best health benefits, emergency cover, help with insurance, help with paying for tuition and so on. This means people have a need to be taken care of.

Give Benefits

Most employers do not want to hear this, but you have to provide more than just a salary for your employees. At least make them feel they are not just working. You do not have to pay for their insurance, but rather what you can do is go to premium insurance brokers and negotiate a discount for all your employees. Motivational keynote speakers will tell you that it is things like this that let the employee feel they are a part of something and are important to you.

Motivational keynote speaker says support groups in the workplace allow you, as a company, to be a resource to the employees in whatever problems they are having or going through.

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