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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Motivation is our inner drive which helps us to progress through our daily tasks.  However, there can be days when we feel unmotivated and want to bury our heads under the comforter and remain there.  Despite our boss not agreeing with such an action, finding our ‘on button’ can be very hard.

How do we find our ‘on button’?

How do we find our ‘on button’?

Of course, we don’t have a large green button which we press on our person, it is our mind and body which drives us forward to rise, shower and go to the office.  This is our motivation and when we are feeling down, tired and sluggish; we want to withdraw from the rat-race.  But we cannot, we have responsibilities and work to do and we simply cannot give up.  Motivation stems from our inner beings and how our inner being feels dictates what we do.  Motivating ourselves can be very hard but it can be done with some rethinking around our daily tasks.  Look after your motivation; it will certainly look after you.

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