Professional Speaker Advice: If You Want to Motivate Others, First Motivate Yourself

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Motivate yourself first.

Before you can motivate others, make sure that you are motivated first.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker will tell you that a good thing to consider when trying to motivate others, you have to motivate yourself first. What does a good salesperson do when he has to sell something he would never buy? He’ll try to convince himself that the product is really worth buying. Only after doing so can he persuade other people to buy whatever he is selling.

What is a Good Motivator?

A good motivator will know how to increase the employees’ self-esteem, and will know how to encourage them and treat them well. A professional speaker states that a great motivator won’t have to do these things. A great motivator is self-motivated and, by being so, he inspires other people to follow his example without saying a thing.

One of the Team

It is not necessary for the motivator to be the boss. It can be an employee as well. In fact, it should be an employee. It should be every employee. A self-motivated person is more valuable than a motivated one. The self-motivated would need less feedback, because he is fully aware of his value.

A fully self-motivated individual will need less obvious appreciation because he knows how to value himself. Only self-motivated people can really motivate others as they have that power of persuasion given by the awareness of their own value. A great motivator is like the Sun: it gives away warmth to everybody. A good motivator can be successful with a smaller group, while a great one inspires many more people. Therefore, when it comes to motivating people, a professional speaker agrees that self-motivation should be the golden word.

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