The Missing Ingredient of Leadership Speakers’ Corporate Wellness Programs

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Leadership speakers know that providing a cost-free daycare is essential for corporate wellness.

Leadership speakers know that providing a cost-free daycare is essential for corporate wellness.


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

So, you’ve thought up a plan for corporate wellness, your team leaders and supervisors are on board, and the gym is ready to go – but where are all the participants? Leadership speaker Andy Core tells you the surprising ingredient you hadn’t thought of regarding why people aren’t taking part as much as they should.

Men and women are increasingly splitting child-rearing duties, but they are both also taking on more office duties, too. That tends to mean that one parent isn’t home with their kids all day like they used to be, and so they have an increased reliance on day care services. However, with day care either being expensive or having long waiting lists, parents feel stuck and choose to opt out of corporate wellness programs so they can get home to their children.

Leadership speakers advise that you can avoid this by having a low or cost-free day care. It seems counter-intuitive to offer this service for free, but think about it for just a second. If parents know that their kids are in the same building as where they work and they don’t have to worry about rising costs, they’re going to be more relaxed right off the bat. In addition, if they’re more relaxed, they’re likelier to pay attention to themselves in terms of healthy eating and fitness. Offering this amenity is an easy way of ensuring your corporate wellness program will be well filled for years to come.

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