Some Minor Causes Of Memory Loss You Might Be Overlooking

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Depression, dehydration and vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to memory loss!

Depression, dehydration and
vitamin b12 deficiency
can lead to memory loss!

Many environmental and physical factors can lead to loss of memory.  Often simple treatable conditions can contribute to what might seem like a significant loss of memory

Memory loss caused by depression: Depression upsets your hormonal balance and puts your brain under a lot of stress which often can lead to loss of memory. It can make you forget things tasks that you needed to do and at time you might even have trouble remembering some recent events.

Memory loss caused by dehydration: Elders are more so if not often affected by dehydration. Extreme dehydration can make you sleepy, confused, and forgetful and basically mimic symptoms of the condition known as dementia. Hence it is crucial that you stray hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. Also be wary of laxatives and diuretics as if taken in excess, they can leave you dehydrated.

Memory loss caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. Lack of Vitamin B12 can upset a lot of things in your system. But when focusing on memory loss, vitamin B12 is responsible for protecting your brain’s neurons and decrease in the levels of this vitamin can cause permanent damage to the brain. Hence It’s is best to take a vitamin supplement everyday as you might not be getting sufficient amount of this particular vitamin through your diet.

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