Eight Maxims on Advice Taking

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Advice is the food for thought aspect of society, yet hardly received without compromise as a stipulation. These eight maxims should guide you from the helpless quarry to a sharp-minded chieftain:

1. Advice is not meant as a means to an end. Taking advice in every facet allows for a much broader perspective.
2. Finding yourself digesting information tends to lead to much better decision making.
3. On the occasion of a good idea, hold on to it! Give it some substance by researching the matter and making it reality.
4. Once you have reached a solid foundation, regard advice from extraneous sources carefully and impartially.
5. Find the things that are working and change what isn’t.
6. You learn a lot from good and bad experiences. Use these situations to your benefit.
7. Take advice relevant to the issue. Any other aspects collect for later.
8. Finding yourself asking an assortment of individuals questions can offer necessary advice.

Advice taking

Respect is an important factor to be considered
in giving and receiving advice.
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Find yourself listen with open ears and mind. The best advice giver is always quick to listen and slow to speak. Andy Core is a Top5 global speaker offering sound advice for everyday individuals looking to improve daily life.

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