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To maintain productivity in the workplace, remember not to lump your workforce all together.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

We often find that it is the little things that have the most effect. In business, there is a tendency to focus on productivity in the workplace and forget that our workforce comprises of individuals who need to be treated as such if the company is to succeed. A small amount of time and money directed towards employee engagement initiatives will ensure that the employees buy into the company, and they will have three main benefits:

More Creative Workforce

When we feel valued at work and are in tune with the aims of the company, we are able to let our creative juices flow in a structured and considered manner. An innovative workforce is both willing and capable of finding solutions to problems that may arise, meaning that less time is spent fretting, and more time is spent working.

More Efficient Workforce

A worker who truly buys into the philosophy of the company is far more likely to enjoy the work that they are undertaking. As a result, their minds will be focused on the task at hand throughout their shift, thus minimizing distractions. A recent study of a UK insurance company showed that a workforce that engaged with the company had 35% less down time than a less engaged workforce. This is effectively adding one extra person per eight engaged employees to the workforce; the result can only be beneficial to the productivity in the workplace for your company.

Increased Profit

We go into business to make profit, and it is undeniable that a combination of efficiency and creativity will ensure that you maximize the profitability of your company. Studies have suggested that a company with a high level of employee engagement makes, on average, twice as much profit as one with a low level of engagement.

A small investment in engagement initiatives will ensure big returns in productivity in the workplace.

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