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Management is Key to Improving Productivity in the Workplace

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Encouraging employees to stretch themselves will increase productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

We’ve all come across poor managers and they are not good for productivity in the workplace. We know that they must be competent to have reached such a position, yet they seem unable to motivate the workforce, they clash with the employees and morale tends to be low in the office. Clearly, this does not make for a productive workplace. A good manager will ensure that the employees engage with the company, and can do so in the following ways:

Give Employees Focus

Employees need a clear sense of direction when they are undertaking a task. This will ensure that they are well aware of what is required and so they are able to focus fully on the job that they have to complete. Obviously, an employee with focus is far more of an asset to the company than one who is disinterested, or confused. Ensure that your managers are capable of giving clear instructions so that your employees have a clear target to aim for. This definitely improves productivity in the workplace when employees know where they’re going.

Stretch the Employees

It is all too easy for people to settle into their comfort zones, and whilst this is unlikely to harm your company, it is unlikely to improve the business, meaning that it never quite fulfills its potential. In order to improve the company it is necessary to push the employees to their limit and take them outside of their comfort zone. It is important, however, not to push them too far; in doing so, they may lose confidence in their abilities. A good manager will know where to push and where to hold.

Treat the Employees as People

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of treating employees as cogs in a machine, yet in doing so we foster resentment. People are far more likely to work well for you if you are capable of relating to them, understanding their point of view and treating them as equals. A manager with good interpersonal skills is vital to maximizing productivity in the workplace.

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