Major Barriers to Workplace Wellness Programs

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Workplace wellness can often strain the health budget of those wit low income levels. Caution needs to be taken in their implementation

Workplace wellness can often strain the health budget of those with low income levels. Caution needs to be taken in their implementation.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Workplace wellness programs are a very important aspect of the productivity of the company. However, there are certain barriers that may exist in implementing them.


Many concerns have been raised as far as implementing programs that may change how employees behave. Mostly, these concerns are centered on privacy. Secondly, these workplace wellness programs aim to improve the health of the employees and in doing so may involve a high cost in terms of health cover. This therefore means that it will discriminate against those that earn less. Therefore, instead of helping with health conditions, the wellness programs might end up bringing a new problem to the workplace.


So what this might result in higher levels of stress in the workplace. There are other various factors in the workplace such as job security, work schedules and so on. And outside the work are things like personal issues and commitments, financial burdens and so on may affect these programs. Some experts say these programs may have requirements that may discourage employees from taking part in some of their health benefit plans because of their expensiveness. S in the end employers can bill employees who can’t meet the standard so as to force them to find alternative cover.

In light of these barriers, Andy Core says great care needs to be taken in order to ensure that these workplace wellness programs are implemented in a manner that is beneficial to the whole workforce.

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