Maintaining Employee Health is Maintaining Productivity in the Workplace

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Replacing coffee with water and fruits goes a long way in maintaining productivity in the workplace. Sometimes, it takes more than a shower to refresh the body; “An apple a day” as they say.

A healthy employee, in mind and body, is able to maintain productivity in the workplace. Not everyone has the time to eat breakfast and those who do just get it on the go from outside sources. A deep-fried hash brown may taste good, but is full of oil and the same can be said about the breakfasts of most other fast-food chains. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day as it dictates the rest of your day. Keep these things in mind:

Provide food in your workplace.

Not just “food,” it needs to be food that the body needs. Have some fruit such as oranges and bananas available to provide a better snack in the workplace. Vitamin C deficiency is becoming common in the modern world as more and more people develop unbalanced diets; an orange once in a while can prevent that. Bananas are satisfyingly filling and much healthier than sugar-filled candy and greasy burgers.

Always have fresh water available.

Water is essential to any living thing on Earth, us included. Soda and coffee cannot replace water. Thirst quenchers and energy drinks have a lot of salt in their mix so they are also not the best for employees who sit and walk around in an air-conditioned environment all day. Drink some water; it’s perfectly healthy.

Discourage the use of caffeine-based products.

Caffeine addiction is very subtle, but it is more common than most people would believe, especially in highly urbanized cities like New York and Los Angeles. Coffee is one of the top reasons for caffeine addiction as most working adults have a cup of Joe in the morning before work and maybe a few more during work. Soda is another top reason and is readily available.

Put the coffee maker in a different room and the vending machine away from the offices, they act as temptations. Do your employees a favor and place the water vendor a few feet closer; productivity in the workplace was never so fresh.

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