The Main Causes of Procrastination From a Keynote Speaker

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Procrastination, whether on a large scale or small scale, will kill an organization. Keynote speaker Andy Core cites work overload as one of the major causes of procrastination.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Procrastination is the unnecessary postponement of a task. A keynote speaker will advise you that there are many reasons employees procrastinate. Here are some of the main causes.


Sometimes tasks are overwhelming and as an individual, you might find ways of avoiding them until later. For some reason, you are kept busy with other more important tasks and it is at this point that you will start feeling overwhelmed by the task that is waiting. Keynote speaker Andy Core explains that it is very normal to feel swamped by tasks and sometimes we tend to think we can never catch up. It is in this state of mind that people panic and in the end, procrastinate. This becomes a cycle and eventually an approach to everything that seems challenging.

Time Management

Most of the time, we find that tasks might be time consuming and as a result we tend to push them back. This is a common behavior amongst busy people and impatient people. Some are over confident about a task such that they wait until it’s too late and as a result may fail to complete the task on time. It is important to try tackling assignments as soon as possible. Keynote speaker Andy Core says that this gives you room to make adjustments or seek help in the specific area of a task that may be giving you problems.

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