Losing Your Sense Of Purpose In Life

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Losing your sense of purpose in life will lead to depression!

Losing your sense of purpose in life
will lead to depression!

When you go clueless about your purpose in life, more so often it will make you feel depressed and lost. What’s more is that being in such a predicament will take its toll on your health as well. The state of your mind when stuck in such a situation will influence your brain’s chemistry, and also your wellbeing.

When you lose your sense of purpose, you lose your sense of direction in life. This leads to you having no solid goals and hence ultimately you lose your sense of motivation too. With nothing to motivate you, to get you moving, you eventually become lackadaisical and can fall victims to chronic boredom, misery and sorrow.  Though we all go through low moments in life, often many people have the tendency to just remain in that zone.

Additionally, in time you’ll become frustrated and your situation might worsen if you have other work or home related problems to deal with. Moreover, you’ll find your energy level plummeting, more so than ever. You’ll probably even stop caring about your health, eating habits and gradually end up packing on extra weight. So if you do get caught up in such a scenario, it’s imperative for you to fight your way out of the situation or else your life will remain completely empty.

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