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Motivating employees can increase work productivity

Motivating employees can increase
work productivity

What increases productivity in the workplace? The answer is simple: having motivated employees. Studies show an average of $1500 is spent implementing new technologies, an amount that requires additional revenue spent in order to train employees. This number per employee dramatically increases the net spending, and decreases company profitability.

Keynote speaker Robert Felder has a simple, inexpensive solution to deter from unnecessary spending. According to Felder, increasing employee motivation will beget an increase in sales performance. Start by understanding the needs, concerns and suggestions of employees. Listening to these things shows you are receptive to their qualms as well as the company’s well being. From there, offer an implement some system in which outstanding performances receives incentives. These can be anything as simple as parties to bonuses.

It is also significantly important to give praise as warranted. An employee who feels his or her superiors recognize the quality of completed work is more eager to perform well. Set clear expectations, and promote quality over quantity for maximum efficiency.

Top5 global speaker Andy Core offers credibility to Felder’s claim. Core states productivity in the workplace can be increased by 47%, 13xs more than the national average.

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