Leadership Speakers Offer Three Rules for Corporate Wellness

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Leadership speakers know how to successfully introduce corporate wellness.

Leadership speakers know how to successfully introduce corporate wellness into the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance. 

All successful leadership speakers know that corporate wellness is important for any business, but do they know professional speaker Andy Core’s three rules?

1. Make it a priority. It’s no use trying to promote corporate wellness in the workplace if it’s not at the top of your agenda. Outline the way healthy living and workplace wellness fit into your company, tell your managers and leaders, and implement these practices on a regular basis. You do the same thing with quarterly finance statements, so why should wellness be any less important?

2. Provide access to services. If you only talk the talk without walking the walk, leadership speaker Andy Core says you’re not going far enough. Make sure your employees know workplace matters will be okay if they take their vacation days instead of rolling them over to the next year, and offer facilities close to or on work premises so that they can stay relaxed year-round. Some of Andy’s favorites include gyms, cafeterias and daycares in the workplace, as well as having a psychologist on hand to help employees deal with mental health matters.

3. Be flexible. It may take a little while to see the desired effects of the changes, but once you make a plan, stick with it. However, recognize that people aren’t objects and sometimes their needs change. Be open to that. If this means altering schedules because employees function better, make the change. Just keep in mind the goal of your project and try to attain it with the most inclusivity as possible.

If you follow these three leadership speakers’ rules for corporate wellness, Andy says that you’ll be on your way to a happier and more relaxed workplace in no time.

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