Leadership Speaker’s Question: Do You Have a Growth Mind-Set?

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Growth Mind Set

A leadership speaker will tell you that having a growth mind-set will help you reach your goals effectively as you welcome failure and obstacles.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

There are two basic types of mind-set, one is a fixed mind-set and the other is the “growth mind-set.” This has a brighter approach in life and is open-minded. Leadership speakers want you to figure out if you have a growth mind-set.

A Positive Approach

A person who has a growth mind-set has a positive approach. He thinks his brain needs improvement and that can be done through proper “exercise.” Exercises involve challenges and obstacles that one needs to defeat, no matter what the outcome is. Failure is also not taken negatively; these provide experience that helps in molding them to becoming better in everything they do, thus, offering a guarantee of success later on.

Leadership leaders say the being a person with a growth mind-set provides several benefits, but may also cause pain and failure along the way. Nevertheless, isn’t life supposed to be that way? We fall, but we pick up the pieces and glue them back together. As soon as we’ve completed ourselves once again, we are ready to attack the problem from a different direction.

New Challenges

Having a growth mind-set helps you grow by taking you out of your comfort zone. Though you excel in your chosen field, you are locked in it, which may result in wasted talent and effort. Do not be afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid about, anyway. Things will work out. Let leadership speaker Andy Core, help you overcome your fears against failure and obstacle.

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