Why Leadership Speakers Say You Should Not Be Judgemental

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Leadership speakers often say being judgmental will hurt current and potential relations. It can also make you closed minded toward new ideas.

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There is Someone Better

Leadership speakers often say we should avoid comparing ourselves to others because of this often has a negative impact on our self-esteem. The primary reason why you should never even think about comparing yourself is that there is always someone better than you somewhere, somehow. In most cases, if you start comparing yourself, you will find this person and it will bring you down. Secondly, there are higher chances that you can develop false pride if you meet someone who you think isn’t as good as you are. You many start to think that everyone is below you, which is something you want to avoid when interacting with other people.

Don’t Judge

Thirdly, when you start comparing yourself to other people you will eventually be forced to expose their weaknesses so that people might recognize or appreciate you. In the end, this can hurt relations and will interfere with your ability to build any relations in the future. Lastly, when you compare, you are most likely to turn into a judgemental character. As a human, you can’t grow if you judge, because you fail to embrace and appreciate others around you and new ideas. No one can ever know another person inside out and hence, no reason to judge. Leadership speakers will tell you that each person has their own life experiences and we shouldn’t judge unless we have ‘walked a mile in their shoes.’

In conclusion, it will never profit you to compare yourself to others. If anything, it creates, as leadership speakers call it, a cycle of thought for yourself where you constantly worry about the next person instead of focusing on yourself.

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