Why Leadership Speakers Despise Being Over-Confident

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Being over confident is one thing leadership speakers advise against.

Don’t become so confident that you turn into a arrogant braggart. No one on Earth knows everything there is to know about a subject. There is always something new to learn.


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.


Leadership speakers often say when you become over confident you develop this attitude in your personality that many people despise. No one likes a boastful character. Often, when you become cocky you end up being very lazy. For example, an athlete who has now made it may become over confident and start to think that maybe the world owes him something. In this case, the athlete becomes negligent in how they train and in the end can fail to reach full potential in their career. We often stop applying ourselves fully when we discover that the task is simple or we have done it before. In the end, this does not help us in any way, but just drop our standards lower and lower. Leadership speakers remind us that this kind of attitude does nothing for anyone.

Over confident people are often arrogant. Some even think they know everything. You will find that when you think you know everything, you become more alienated, because fewer people want to have discussions with you about anything.


The very common trait in over confident people is the fact that they are unrealistic. It helps to be ambitious, but when you ignore reality and think the impossible, you become ridiculous. For example, when someone says that they can read a 300-page novel in one minute, that’s not only being over confident, it is also being unrealistic about the situation. These are some reasons why leadership speakers often despise people who are over confident.

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