Laughter Is The Best Medicine !

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Laughter engages your brain and helps alleviate stress!

Laughter engages your brain and helps
alleviate stress!

Whether it’s your brain health or your overall wellbeing, as stated by many, laughter indubitably is the best medicine for both. Every emotion that we feel impacts only certain areas of our brain but when it comes to laughter it is known to engage several sectors of the brain all at once. If you are trying to find ways to fill your life with more laughter then have a look at the following recommendations:

Learn to laugh at yourself.

In order to truly learn to take yourself less solemnly, just pick a moment in your life where you were just too serious for no reason. Also, get in the habit of sharing your solemn, awkward moments and embarrassing episodes with your closed ones.

Spend time around perky, upbeat people that just love a good laugh.

Surround yourself with people that just love to share funny stories and have a good laugh about it. By sharing their moments they not get to laugh over the anecdote once more, but they also tend to feed off the humor that others find in it.

Fill up your office space or room with hilarious mementos.

To enjoy a little laugh every now and then, just put up some hilarious posters or bumper stickers in your office or on your refrigerator. Or maybe you could opt to use funny screensavers on your laptop. Surrounding yourself with some silly things can always make one laugh every now and then.

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