Why a Keynote Speaker Shouldn’t Make Concrete Goals

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Keynote speakers know that the best goals are flexible like water instead of rigid like mountains.

A keynote speakers knows that the best goals are flexible like water rather than rigid like stones.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

When it comes to designing the lifestyle you want for yourself, keynote speaker Andy Core says that the goals you plan shouldn’t be concrete or rigid. Instead, he recommends making plans that have a definite structure, but flexible surroundings.

  • Rigidity can prevent you from adapting to change. The more closely and stubbornly you stick to something, the more risk you run of not being able to grab an opportunity that may actually benefit you more in the long run.
  • Being inflexible may leave you behind. If you’re planning an investment fund in your 20s where all you can afford to put aside is $100 a month and you don’t up the amount when you move onto a higher-paying job, your lack of savings may mean the difference between a 2-mile walk to the beach from your house instead of 20 feet.
  • You may become stuck on the incidentals. By making concrete goals, a keynote speaker will warn that the ease with which you accomplish the smaller goals make give you an inflated sense of accomplishment. Instead, constantly look at your life; see how it’s going, where you’re heading, and what you need to change.

By making a skeleton list of your goals instead of rigid, fully fleshed out ones, a keynote speaker says that you may reach your lifestyle design realization sooner rather than later.

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