A Keynote Speaker Offers Advice on How to Carry Yourself in the Workplace

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The way you behave and relate to others in the workplace will greatly impact your career.

Many young and upcoming graduates are becoming more intelligent and know more than those before them know. This means that there is a risk of being pompous as a new grad in an organization and these habits might get you stuck in the same position for years.

Never Segregate Yourself

What most young people do these days is mix and mingle with those that are of their age group and stick to them and ignore the older ones. It helps to know the older ones and learn from them. Your friends know nothing about your career and are almost as confused as you are. The older generation will help you tap into that level of know-how that you need in order to achieve more in your career.

Avoid Cliques

The fact about any workplace is that like any other environment where humans interact, it is bound to have a battle of some sort; battle for power, or greed, and jealousy and so on. As a young person in the organization, avoid joining cliques that gossip, or forming alliances in the workplace and fighting battles that are not yours. You must be able to maintain professional boundaries in the workplace. Gossip is like chaff, it will be blown away by the wind and at the end of the day, you will have nothing but a damaged carer with not much of a future.

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