A Keynote Speaker Encourages Taking Risks in the Corporate World

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As a leadership speaker, Andy Core challenges us to take on risks in our careers in order to advance

As a leadership speaker, Andy Core challenges us to take on risks in our careers in order to advance.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Be Bold Enough to Think Big

Keynote speaker Andy Core encourages employees to have the unique boldness to think big. The fact is that you have to have the guts to think bold and big in order to make it big in the corporate world. In any case, this means your abilities and the way you handle any situation should be different from what the rest do. There is a need to be innovative and act in such a manner that is not common among the rest of the group. This is a risk where you trust that what you feel is the right path to take. The keynote speaker suggests that it might be helpful to use the years you have had in the company as a source of inspiration for your boldness.

The Risk

Just like any risk, the greater the risk the greater the return if it works out. When you are a risk taker, you need to be someone in a position to make things happen, someone who can capitalize on an opportunity to make something out of it. As a risk taker, you need to understand that there are going to be some losses along the way and as a result, you will take a blow or two on the way to success. Let every failure be a stepping-stone. A keynote speaker suggests that you let it be a lesson for the next opportunity that comes along.

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