Key Note Speaker Advice: Use Goal Setting to Maintain Motivational Levels

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Using Set Goals to Maintain Motivational Levels

The possible is always within our reach. A keynote speaker reminds us that setting goals and tracking them will help change the impossible to possible.


 Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Keynote speaker Andy Core, defines motivation generally as the desire or willingness to do certain things or achieve certain goals. Staying motivated in business is one of the prerequisite for all business owners. It is the backbone and the main reason why many businesses are failing more and more in this fast changing century. It is important to stay motivated because it creates a certain level of tolerance to change in your character and this is a vital attribute of business people in this era of change we are living in.

Create Goals

The key to staying motivated as emphasized by keynote speaker Andy Core is to develop and track measurable goals. Setting goals and being able to achieve them not only boosts confidence, but as a business owner, you tend to develop the zeal to achieve more than what you already have and that is what Andy Core defines as progress. The main idea behind goal setting is to utilize long-term and short-term goals, to achieve success at the end of the day. Long-term goals are a forecast that helps you stay on course and in a forward moving motion, while the short-term goals are used as means of moving from point to point in your journey to achieve long-term success.

Track Goals

Goals should be written down often and revisited on a constant basis. This gives you a clear picture of where your business is, at any given point in time and this allows you to know what step to take next. In order to maintain motivational levels at an all time high, the keynote speaker says, make sure that your business as a whole is comfortable in these goals.

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