What Exactly Is A Job Burnout?

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Job burnout leads to lack of motivation and lack of perspective!

Job burnout leads to lack of motivation
and lack of perspective!

Commonly burnout is a state where one is exhausted to such an extent where they are completely worn out emotionally, psychologically and physically. It is usually caused by undue and prolonged stress. In state of a burnout you tend to get overwhelmed by the most miniscule of things and what’s more are that you’ll find yourself unable to meet perpetual demands. Burnouts often lead to lack of motivation, interest and lack of perspective which consequently hampers your productivity levels at work.

Furthermore, a burnout depletes one of energy which leaves them feeling terribly feeble, pessimistic, hopeless and indignant. And with time individuals end up feeling completely worthless and feel as if they have nothing left to offer.

You are already suffering from a burnout if for you every day at work turns out to be a bad day and you can’t seem to care about any of it anymore. Moreover, you keep feeling stressed and drained at work constantly and perhaps you feel as if your work is taken for granted and is simply underappreciated.

Burnouts will not only affect your professional life but your social and personal life too. What’s more is that it can also make your more susceptible to illnesses like fever and flu. Hence in order to avoid its consequences learn to deal with burnouts properly.

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